Pro-form have a fantastic range of the world class cross trainers and ellipticals. With smooth and easy movement and a reduced risk of impact injuries compared to running or walking, an cross trainer/elliptical machine is a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your household. If you need a cross trainer/elliptical trainer we are sure to have one that suits your needs. Our elliptical trainers come with free shipping and are available in most regions of Australia, so find the elliptical cross trainer that you want and we can deliver it directly to your doorstep. Stay fit by buying a world class cross trainer machine for yourself!

CardioHIIT H14



Trainer HL



Pro-Form® H10




Long, Adjustable Stride Lengths. Productive Training.

Carbon EL5 Elliptical



One of the most popular types of exercise machines found in homes and gyms across the planet is the elliptical. Elliptical machines are popular, in part, because they are easy to use—simply stand on top of large pedals, take hold of the handles, and move legs back and forth in a gliding motion. People also seem to appreciate an elliptical because it can deliver a robust cardio workout without the impact on joints that are experienced with other machines. While less impact on joints is a significant benefit of working out on an elliptical, it is just the start of why those seeking wellness choose these remarkable machines.