Exercise Bikes

Great for a safe, low impact and effective cardiovascular exercise, an exercise bike is a great fitness machine to have in your home, and Pro-form have a fantastic assortment of exercise bikes for sale. We have a fantastic range of the world class exercise bikes Australia. If you need a stationary bike we are sure to have a fitness bike that suits your needs. The fitness bikes that are available from our online store come with free shipping to most regions of Australia so pick out the exercycle/exercise bicycle that fits your needs and we can have it delivered to your doorstep. Stay fit and buy exercise bike machine for yourself!

Carbon CX Bike




Trainer-Led Classes All Around the World with iFit® Coach.



Experience interactive trainer-led studio cycling at home, through an ever-expanding library of on-demand iFIT workouts that digitally control your cycle's resistance and incline. Our Studio Exercise Spin Bikes simulate the real feel and movement of an outdoor cycle, so you always move naturally and comfortably from invigorating studio sessions to scenic, global rides.


One of the prized moments in our life as a kid is when we were able to make that first bicycle ride without having to use training wheels. Before we turned 16 years old, the bicycle was the source of independence and pride because we couldn’t drive a car – becoming even more excited for the day we could legally drive as we got older. However, as roads become more congested and people learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we as adults are returning to our bikes because we know they are environmentally friendly and tremendously good for our physical, mental, and emotional health.