Carbon Strength Power Rack XL

Strength PFBE45020

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  • Stations: Multi-Grip Pull-Up, Bench Press, Squat, Rack Pull, Shoulder Press Stations
  • Structure: Adjustable Spotting Arms, Upgraded J Hooks
  • Storage:Includes six weight storage (6 horizonatal posts)
  • Framing: Extra heavy-duty steel construction tubing, robust and stable design. High-Density Foam Backrest
  • Functionality:Perform all bodyweight and free weight exercises, allowing you to target and strengthen upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 277kg 
    (135kg user + Lift Load)
  • Warranty: 2yr parts/ 1yr labour
  • L 150.0 x H 216.0 x W 171.0cm

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